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Letter 2

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1.  Hi Lucas,

This time I'm going to talk about Pizarra, my village.  There isn't a shopping center but there are a lot of shops.  Pizarra is at the foot of a small mountain.  My friends and I sometimes walk up the mountain and we have a statue of Christ there.  It's like Rio de Janeiro.  We have a sports center, here I train for volleyball.  In Pizarra, the most important things are lemons and oranges.  We do tours for visitors and we explain the process of production.  Pizarra is in Málaga (Spain).  This village has got around eight thousand people.  You can do a lot of things here.  Can you tell me about your city?


See you soon,  José Manuel


 Dear Jose Manuel,


Thanks for your e-mail. I`ll tell you about my home and my neighbourhood. I live in a house with my parents and brother. My home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 livingroom, 1kitchen and 1 dinning room. My house has 2 floors, I live on the ground floor and my uncle lives on the first floor. I sleep in my own bedroom.

My neighbourhood is called Villa Biarritz and it's like a park and there is a big club called Bigua.

I don`t know any neighbours.

I play basketball and football in the club what I like about my neighbourhood is that the club is in front of my house.


Write soon,

 Bye bye,




2.  Hello Belén!  Nice to meet you!  I was learning to draw Manga for years and it was fantastic.  I haven't seen that series (except 'Chobits', I saw one episode), but I have seen the series 'One Piece', 'Naruto' and 'Zatch Bell'.  I liked it a lot, but now I haven't got time.  I would like to visit your web, but I haven't go Internet (I know, it's very strange...).  I like Hannah Montana, and I'm watching the series.  She's very good.  But tell me about your 'million more bands'. 


What is your house like in Montevideo?  My house isn't very big... it's yellow and my bedroom is purple.  I have a lot of posters of 'Tokio Hotel' on the walls and I usually listen to their music.  Are they famous in Uruguay?  Do you know anybody who knows this group?  In Europe, they are the bomb!


I live in a village and I haven't got any interesting neighbours.  Do you like reading?  Now I'm reading 'Anne Frank's Diary' and 'The Boy with Striped Pyjamas'.  They are very good. 


Well, I hope you write to me soon and you are happy in Montevideo (I  like that name). 


With love,  Luna González



Dear Luna,


Hi! How are you? Well I´m fine and happy for your letter :D. 

I saw the series Zatch bell, One Piece and Naruto too!. It´s a pity that you can't visit my website but never mind ;).


Well err..., I don´t know Tokio Hotel but you can tell me the name of your favourite song of TOKIO HOTEL so that I can find it in the net. Here in Montevideo that band isn´t known but I want you to talk me about it, I mean: for example,  the members of the bands, when they started, etc.

I have a question, do you have a computer in your house? (I´m not talking about internet) because if you have a computer, I can make a WALLPAPER of TOKIO HOTEL especially for you: and to use it you have to save it in a diskette (ask your English teacher) and then get the diskette to your house and install the wallpaper (you don´t need internet).


Well, my house is small and my room is painted with light green, the kitchen is light brown and the garden is  HUUUUGE!!. I live in a flat (on the top apartament).


I really never read books, but, someday I will buy manga comics to read.  *-*. 


PS: Here I'm sending some images that I prepared for you (I created the background and the text). 






Write back!,,,




                      (...Belén Alejo---/---Kaede Katzucawa...)




3.  Hey Agustina!  How are you?  The other day I saw 'Casi Angeles'.  It's too cool!  I like rap and hip-hop music.  What's cumbia?


My house is big.  It has got four floors.  The first floor is a basement.  The second has got a kitchen, a bathroom, a carport, a living room and a bedroom.  On the third floor there is a dining room, a bathroom and two bedrooms.  The fourth floor is an attic. 


I sleep in the same bedroom as my brother.  Our room is big and roomy.  There are two beds and two night tables.  There is a desk and a chair.  On the desk there is a computer.  There is a big wardrobe.  It's pink and black.  My favourite place in my house is the attic.  What is your home like?


My msn is mita.a-mix@hotmail.com


Write back, Mita




Hi Mita,


thanks for your e-mail, I`m fine.

Cumbia is a kind of music similar to salsa, but with less musical quality.

I live in a flat (on the 7th floor) my flat has 3 bedrooms, 1 big living room, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 laundry and a service room. My favorite place in my house is my room. There`s a Computer, a TV set and a sterio in it.

What form are you on? I`m on 2nd form in high school. Do you like school?

My msn is: agustinita.10@hotmail.com


Write soon,




4.  Hi Federico!  I have got msn and I added you, but we have got a small problem... from Spain to Uruguay there are twelve hours of difference! 


Now, I'll tell you about my house.  I live in a house in a big neighborhood with my friends.  My house has got three floors.  On the ground floor, there is a game room and a big storeroom.  On the next floor there is a small bathroom and a living room with a dining room and a kitchen.  On the last floor there are four bedrooms (one is my bedroom) and another bathroom.  Also, there is a patio with a swimming pool.  My favourite room is my bedroom because in it I have got my computer, my books...  Next to my house there is a supermarket, a sports centre... Behind my house there is a petrol station. 


In the next letter, can you tell me what your house is like? 


Bye bye.  Your penpal, Maria


Dear Maria,


Hello!!!! In this letter I'll tell you about my house and my neighbourhood.

I lvie in a house. The house is big and it has 2 floors an a barbecue and I have a basketball ring in the garden. My house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, a dinning room and a studio.

I have my own room and my own TV.

My neighbourhood is very big and there are a lot of buildings. There's a club, this club is the best of Uruguay. I play basketball there.

I don't know any neighbours and for this reason the neighbourhood is very boring for me.


See you soon,






5.  Hi Maria Eugenia!  How are you?


In my free time I like to be with my friends or I listen to music but rock music no because it's horrible!  I have got freaky friends.  These friends like rock music and play 'Magic' but they are normal. 


My house is very big. 

*On the first floor are the living and dining room, kitchen, a bathroom and a games room. 

*On the second floor there is a bathroom, three bedrooms (one is mine), a computer room and another room. 

*On the third floor there are four balconies.


My favourite singer is... sorry!  I haven't got one  hahaha because I like all singers but I don't like classical music.


My questions are:


*What are you doing this summer?

*What is your school like?


Love,  Isita  :-)



 Hi Isa!,


I love your house! hahaha, my house has only one floor, it´smaller than yours but it`s nice too.

Well in this summer I think I'll go to the beach because every years I go there. I love summer, Do you like it? What are you going to do?.

I will go out with friends that the best part of the summer for me.

We have a great time!

My school is very big. It has a very big patio in the middle, and a lot of classrooms. the school is a pre university so we only have 4to, 5to and 6to of high school.

Is your school big?


Bye bye, drop me a line.


     M Eugenia.





1.  Hello Martin,  How are you?  I'm happy because I finished the second semester.  Do you like to go to school?


I have a dog.  Her name is 'Toro'.  I like the dog.  Do you like dogs?


My house is big and yellow.  What is your house like?  Please write me. 


Best wishes,  Juan Mª


Hi Juan Maria, 


I  live in a building, my flat is small and blue. The name of the building is Buckingham.

I  like dogs, but I prefer a horse.

Do you like sports? I play football, swimming and athletics.

Do you playsports?

I don't like school, my favourite subjects are gymnastic and English. 

What are yours favourite subjects? 





write soon






2.  Hello Nico,


My house is very big.  My house has got a big patio and a big living room.  The house has got:  bathrooms, bedrooms and a special room.  In this room there are cards, toys, videogames, papers... In my patio there is a basket.  I play basketball in my house.  My favourite room is the kitchen and the dining room.  I like to eat.  My favourite singer is Rihanna.  My favourite basketball team is 'Unicaja' of Málaga and my favourite football team is 'Real Madrid'. 


Write about your house.  What is your favourite basketball team?  Who is your favourite singer?


Write soon,  Jesús


 Hi Jesús,


Thanks for your e-mail.

My house is big. It has got 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a dinning room, a kitchen a patio and a garage.

My neighbourhood is 'Villa Biarritz'.It has a big park and a big club.

I play basketball and swim with my friends in the club.

My favourite basketball team is Biguá and my favourite football team is Peñarol.

What's your favourite school subject?


Write soon,




3.  Hi Pancho,

My house is very big and it has got three floors and a patio.  On the first floor is my bedroom and for my sister, brother, mum, dad and granny.  On the second floor there is a kitchen, living room and bathroom.  And the last floor is a basement.


My house is in town.  Where is your town?  Have you got msn?  What is your msn?  My msn is J.L.MONTERROSOVARGAS@hotmail.com. 


Goodbye     José Luis



Dear José Luis,


I received your e-mail. Thanks.

I live in Punta Carretas with my mum, my dad, my sister and my brother.

My house has got two floors and a patio. I have my own bedroom. It has got a TV, two beds (one for my friends). I play basketball, football and play station with my friends Nico, Joaquín, Baltasar and Guille.

I like my neighbourhood. I go to the park to ride my bike and to play football.

I go to Maristas school. What's your school's name?


Bye bye




4.  Hello!  I've got one brother Fran and one sister Lorena.  My favourite school subject is Geography and my favourite team is Real Madrid.  Which is your favourite team?  I like volleyball and basketball too. 


My house has a good decoration and a big garden.  Five people live in my house:  my mum, my dad, my grandad, my brother and me.  And two animals live in my house: my cat and my rabbit. 


Write soon,  Juan Antonio


Hello Juan Antonio,


I want to tell you something about my house.

I live in a flat with my mother, my father, my brother and my guinea pig (it's name is 'Patito').

The building's very big, it has 2 towers.

My flat has 3 bedrooms. My brother's bedroom is the smallest.

My bedroom is medium size and my parents' bedroom is the biggest.

There's a big patio in the building and we play with our friends there.

My favourite football team is Nacional.

What's your cat's name? And your rabbit?

I have a summer house in Piriápolis. It's big and it has a beautiful garden. It's next to the beach.

We ride our bikes there and we play with our neighbours.

Do you like school?


Bye bye.

Write soon,





5.  Hello Meli,


My house is very big.  What is your house like?

In my house there is a dining room, kitchen and toys room.  There are two bathrooms and three bedrooms.  In my room there are two beds and two tables.  I have many t-shirts.  How many rooms are in your house?  How many bathrooms are there?  Is your house big?  How many dining rooms are there? 


Please, answer my questions. 


Best wishes,  Cristóbal


 Hello Cristóbal,


My house is big too. There are two floors. On one floor there is a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room.

On the other floor there is a bathroom, a studio and two bedrooms. There is a barbecue, a garage and a patio.

There are seven rooms in my house.

In my bedroom threre is a book case, a wardrobe, there are 2 chests of drawers, 2 beds and a mirror.


Do you like school? What's your favourite subject?


Write back,



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