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Letter 3

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Teens Pizarra (5).JPG


Teens 4:  Top row in the back:  Isa, Maria, José Manuel

                Bottom row in the front:  Luna and Miriam





Teens 1.JPG



Here's a picture of Teens 1!  Top row in the back:  Juan Antonio, Jesús, José Luis

                                     Bottom row in the front:  Cristóbal and Juanma





1. Hi Augustina!!!


What's up?


I'm in 3rd ESO in High School.  


Sometimes I like school.  My teachers are very good but my French teacher...she's very bad!


My favorite subject is Maths and Civics.  My high school is enormous and very clean.  In my classroom there are twenty girls and five boys.  We have a good friendship.  We are the villains of the high school!  It's a joke!  We aren't very good students but I am.


Have you failed any subjects?  What's your high school like?  Are you a good student?


Write back.  Mita



1. Hi Mita!


Thanks for your e-mail. My high school is enormous too and my favourite subject is Domestic Economy.

I have a lot of friends from  other schools.

Last year I failed in Biology, Maths and German. But this year I`m a good student.

What are your hobbies? and what do you do in your free time?


Write soon,





2.  Hi Federico!


Before I tell you about my high school, I'll tell you... I like your house a lot!  Now, I'll tell you about my high school.  My high school is public and big.  It has got a basketball court and a football pitch, a gym, two laboratories, two technology laboratories, a teacher's room and a lot of classrooms. 


One of my favourite subjects is English.  My English teacher is Paquí.  She is pleasant and kind.  In this class I have a good time. 


Another of my favourite subjects is Physical Education.  My Physical Education teacher is Paco.  In this class I play with all of my friends. 


In my class I have got a lot of friends.  I'll talk to you about some:


*Mª Jesús-- She is kind.  She likes to watch the 'Rebelde' series.

*Cynthia-- She is nice.  She has got a puppy.

*Espe-- She is funny and graceful.  She likes 'Fama'.

*Borja-- He is short and he loves to talk a lot.

*Jose-- He is tall and very comical.  He likes to chat on his messenger. 


What is your high school like?  Who are your friends and what are they like?

Is your high school private or public?


Bye, bye       Your Spanish friend,  Maria



Hi Maria!


I am going to tell you about my high school, my high school is private, I think that is big, it has 3 playgrounds, and a Biology laboratory and a Physics laboratory. My favourite subjects are Geography and Maths and I hate the History class. I have to a lot of friends, for example "Ito", Lucas and Bruno are some of my best friends. Ito is small and thin , he is confident and cheerful and he likes to play with the computer; Lucas is tall, he has skyblue eyes and he is a little shy, funny and he likes to play basketball; Bruno is tall, he has green eyes and he is a little shy in the class but outside he is very confident, and he likes to play basketball too. 


Good bye                                   Your Uruguayan friend,  Federico


3.  Hi Lucas, 


This time I'm going to describe my school.  My school has got three floors, two playgrounds and a sport-center.  It isn't very beautiful, but it's very new.  On the first floor there are a lot of classrooms.  On the second floor there is a big auditorium and some places to do Technology and other subjects.  On the third floor there are a lot of classrooms too. 


My favourite subject is Physical Education.  My favourite teacher is Jose Daniel, my Maths teacher.  I've got a lot of friends. 


If you want to know more about my school, you can visit the web page: 




Write soon,  José Manuel



Dear Jose Manuel,


My school is called Maristas and it has a lot of classrooms. My classroom is very big because we are 28 children. We have 12 subjects but 5 or 4 are very easy. In my school ther is a playground where we play basketball and football. My favourite subjects are Maths, Geography and P.E.

My favourite teachers are Nora and Daniel, the Biology and Maths teachers because they are very funny.


How many students are there in your class??

what do you do in your free time??


Write soon



4.  Hi Belén!  First of all, THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR PICTURES!  I have stuck them on my 'Principal Folder'.  :-)


I don't know what is my favourite song because all are very good, but you can find the videoclips of:  'Monsoon', 'Ready, set, go!' and 'Don't jump' in English, and 'Durch den Monson', 'Reitte mich' and 'Schrei' in German.  I hope you like them.  The singer is Bill and the boy with the rastas is Tom (they are twins).  The bass player is Georg and Gustav is the drum player.  The four are German and began when they were 15 years old.  I'm sure you will like them!  


Yes, I've got a computer and if you would like to send me the WALLPAPER, my teacher says yes.  I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! 


What is your school like?  Mine is very, very big and beautiful.  All the teachers are very good and happy, and there I have a lot of friends.  My favourite, now, is Ben because both of us are Tokio Hotel fans.  ;-)


What is your favourite subject?  I like Art and Language... I hate French and Natural Science... they are very difficult. 


Well, I hope you like the videoclips and write me soon!   With love,  Luna





Hi Luna!, 


I´m so happy because you liked the pictures I did. Thanks a lot for de information about tokio hotel, I found some videoclips "Monsoon" and "Ready, set, go!", I liked them a lot!, they are excellent singers.



It´s good that your teacher let me send you the wallpaper!, so, I´ll send the wallpaper below my letter (you will se a little image, but you have to click on it and then a window will be open In the computer and In the window the wallpaper will appear).


My favourite subject in high school is art, because I like drawing, and I hate maths. My high school is not very beautiful because the walls are written by some students (it´s ugly) and the classroom is small. Some teachers are fine but others are bad. 


I like playing the guitar, I´m lerning in a place called "Palacio de la música", do you play any instrument?.


What do you want to be when you grow up?, and why?, I really don´t know but I like drawing,,,so It can be a posivility but I like more the graphic design.


Well, now I´m sending you the wallpaper,,,


TTLY (Talk to you later),








                    Click here to open the wallpaper in the size: 800x600

Click here to open the wallpaper in the size: 1024x768



5.   Hi Maria Eugenia!


I like the summer because you have more free time and you can be with your friends.  It is fabulous!  This summer I will go to the beach, I will go to Conil with my family, my uncle, aunt and my cousins.  Hahaha 


In August there is a fair in Pizarra.  In Montevideo are there fairs?  When?  This fair is very good because it is big and I can visit with my friends. 


I like your school!  It is nice.  :p   My school is big but I don't like the director.  There are three floors.  Some of the teachers are good but others are bad or unpleasant.  In this school there are only four courses but in one course there are four or five classes. 


My family is very big.  It is very funny!  With them you are never bored.  They like parties.  My cousin is the best.  You can trust my cousin.  I love my cousin.  She helps me. 


This is my msn:  chicaisy@hotmail.com


My questions are:


What are your friends like?              Can you come to Spain?

What do you do with them?

Do you trust in your friends?  And your cousins?


Bye!  :)  Love, Isitah



Hi, Isa!


I like fairs too, here there`s one right now. It`s a book fair, there are only books, I went only one time with my school but it was boring.

My friends are so funny, you can`t be sad with them hahaha. We aren`t in the same school but I see them every day after school and we have lunch. I trust them especially my best friend, Lucìa. Do you have best friends? I think it is important to have someone to trust on.

I only have two cousins but I see they few in the year because they don`t lie in Monevideo. How many cousins do you have? what ere they ages? 

I`ll love to travel to Spain I think it`s a great country and very intresting! I`ll love to have that oportunity.!


I`ll add you in the msn, this is mine: puqui101@hotmail.com


bye bye!    Euge




1.  Hi Nico,


In this letter I speak about my school.  My school is very big.  There are toilets, computers and playgrounds.  My favourite subject is Physical Education.  It is very fun.  I like Language but I don't like Maths.  It is boring.  My teacher is Juanjo and my English teacher is Micaela. 


Did your favourite basketball team win a tournament?   Thanks Nico. 


Goodbye,  Jesús




Thank for your e-mail.


My school is very big. It's got a library, 4 playgrounds, computers and a football pitch.

My favourite subject is P.E but I don't like Dance class, it's dull. My Spanish teacher's name is Silvia.

My favourite basketball team is Bigua. I play basketball there. This years we won a tournament.


What is your favourite basketball team?


Write soon,






2.  Dear Martin,


My school is very big.  The name of my school is Fuensanta.  My teacher is Don Diego.  My friends are Rubén, Samuel and Marta.  My favourite subject is Physical Education.  My cat's name is JuanFra and the rabbit's name is Pelu. 


Goodbye,  Juan Antonio


Hello Juan Jntonio,


My school is very big.Its anme is SEMINARIO.My teachers name is Laura.my friends are Alvaro, Ma. Jesus and Emilio.My favourite subject is histroy.My hamster name is Paquito.


Write soon,





3.  Dear Pancho,


Today I speak about my school.  My school is very, very big.  It's got a big playground.  It has got two buildings.  The first building has got a dining room, computer room, bathrooms and classrooms.  The second building has got classrooms, bathrooms and a computer room.  This letter is very short.  And my school's name is Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta.  What is your school's name?  My teacher's name is Micaela.  What is your teacher's name?


Goodbye.  Best wishes,  José Luis


Hi José Luis,


My school has got 4 floors. There are 7 classrooms in each floor.

It has got 3 playgrounds and 7 gyms and pitches. There are 24 students in my classroom.

My classroom is very big.

My favourite subject is P.E. and my worst subject is Maths.

My teacher's name is Ivone.

What do you do in your free time?


Bye bye,




4.  Hi Martin,


I live in a house.  It is yellow and it is very big.  My school is very big and it is very beautiful.  My best friend is very tall and he is a good person. 


What is your best friend like? 


My favourite subject is Natural Sciences.  Write soon.  Juan Maria


P.S.  My dog's name is Tara, not Toro.  (My teacher Micaela made a mistake!)


 Hi Juan Maria,


My best friend is a very good person, he is tall and thin. My high school is very beautiful. I am on second grade. My favourite subject is P.E. but I think that Music is very funny. Do you like listening music? Do you like rock? Do you have msn? 

My msn is: tincho_bolso17@hotmail.com

Do you like football? what is your favourite team? My favourite team is: Barcelona f.c 


Write soon. Martin 



5.  Hi Meli,


My school is very big.  The name for the school is Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta.  What is the name of your school?  In the school there are two playgrounds.  How many playgrounds are in your school?  My teacher is a man.  He is very tall. 


I like my friends.  They are happy. 


My teacher likes homework.  My favourite subject is Maths.  What is your favourite subject?  What is your teacher like?  What are your friends like?


Answer my questions, please.  Goodbye,  Cristóbal




Hi Cristóbal,


My school  name is SAN JUAN BAUTISTA. In my school there is a playground. My favourite subject is Maths too.

My teacher's name is Lourdes. She`s got brown hair and her eyes are brown too. She`s forty years old.

My friend's name is Lucila. She`s got blond hair and brown eyes. She`s nine years old.

Which form are you in? I`m in form 4th B. Who`s your favourite teacher? My favourite teacher is Solange: the Music teacher.  Have you got any hobbies?         






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