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Letter 5

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1.  Hi Belén!  


I'm very sad because this is my last letter... so I'll make it longer than others.  

OK, first of all:


My favourite film is 'El laberinto del fauno' (it's very sad but I love it).


I don't know 'School Rumble', but I would like to watch it.  Oh! Yes! Japan is very interesting to go shopping (for comics) but all is in Japanese (ouch!)


Now, I'm doing a million exams, but in 2 weeks I finish school!  Yeah!


My favourite food is Chinese (I don't always eat this, but I enjoy it) and about sweets... I really don't eat many sweets, but I like lemon ice-cream. 


What do you think of your country's climate?  Me, I think Spain's climate is very boring:  no rain, no storms, no floods, no snow.... Arhg!


OK, but a lot of people from other countries come to Spain to relax and swim at the beaches, so it can be (probably) better than I think. 


In Uruguay, what 3 things are most famous?  In Spain, from art:  The Prado Museum; from people:  Javier Bardem (actor), Manu Chao (musician) and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (the mister president, haha!); from food:  paella (rice with prawns, meat, mushrooms...)


What are the 3 most important things in your life? (well, I'm with the '3 things' game).  Me, my family and my house (OK, it isn't very difficult to answer). 


And what 3 wishes would you like to have?  Me, I really don't know.  Probably something like:  no pollution in the world, no hunger in other countries, and no stupid wars (sorry: no wars, all of them are stupid).  Also, I would like to fly, but it isn't very important for me.


Well, Belén, I don't know what more to ask you... so, I'll say goodbye.  It's very nice to write to you.  I'm always happy when I read your letters.  If I had Internet, I could send you emails, but sometimes the world is really unfair and bad.  I wish you a really good life and happiness, and I hope that next year we can continue writing. 


With all the love in the world:    Luna    (Wish me a hot summer)



Hi Luna,


Thanks for your letter! It was very interesting.

First of all I'm going to answer you 'the 3 things game' (ha ha).


The 3 most popular places in Uruguay are 'Estadio Centenario', 'Punta del Este' and 'Salto'.


The 3 most important things in my life are my family, my friends and my pet.

I agree with you that wars are stupid, and that the world  should have no polution, and the third wish would be to have a good future in my life.


Haha, I think is a bit strange that you don´t usually eat sweets, because I love them!! haha, but, I had tasted the lemon ice-cream and it´s not bad, but I prefer orange or strawberry ice-cream (talking about fruit ice-cream).


Now, on the 30th June, I start my Winter Holidays, but they are only for two weeks :´(.

In my winter holidays I´ll go to Argentina, there I´ll stay on my uncle`s house, and I wish that I would buy some anime thing, haha, because In Uruguay there is no anime things D:.


I don´t know the movie "El laberinto del fauno". But, I really don´t like films with sad endings =(.


I think that the climate of Uruguay isn't bad but it isn't good, that's why now (winter) it´s very cold so I wish to be in Spain, but in summer I hate the hot weather and I'm always bored because I don't like going to the beach.




And I wish I can write to you later, and you are the best penfrend of all the world!.

In case you want to send me an e-mail:


beluchi_alejo@hotmail.com or beluchi_kaede@hotmail.com (But I use more the first)






 ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)۞  WiTh a LoT oF lOvE

(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤...

__×___(`*•.¸ (`*•.¸ ¸.•*´) ¸.•*´)

×__..::¨`•.¸ *...۩**Beluuchita!** ۩...* ¸.•`¨::..۞







2.  Hello Eugi!


This letter is the last of this year but when the next course starts we will send more letters!  AaaA!  We can speak with msn hahahaha


I'll answer your questions:


*When I stay with my friends I visit all the shops and places because we don't like to sit around.  We like to know about other things and buy many things in different places.  We are very active. 


*I don't know what I want to be hahaha, but I think I want to study Economy, and I would like to study Latin. 


This summer I'm going to stay in my house.  It's boring but I can stay with my friends and some days I will go to the country.  I hate the country but when I stay with my cousins or friends No!


In August I will prepare a surprise party for one of my friends because it is her birthday and in this month I will have two fairs.  One is in Málaga capital and the other is here in Pizarra!  They are very good fairs.  :-)


In my town, the 3 most famous places are the red park, the House of Culture, and Yuka, which is a type of disco.  What places are famous in your town or city?


I think money is important because if you don't have money, you can't buy things.  What do you think?  But the people say that money doesn't give you happiness.  I think this is true because you can have a lot of money but you aren't happy. 


*Do you want to be rich in the future?


In the future I want more money and I want to be happy. 


Write soon Eugi  :-)  Lots of kisses!!  I like to speak with you.  It's very interesting. 


 Hi Isitah!



How is it going?

I'd like to talk with you too. It'll be very interesting.

Well, here we have a lot of very famous discos, such as 'W', 'Red', etc.

They're full, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

I think that money isn't importa1nt but it's necessary to live, it has always been.

I want to be rich too, ha, ha, ha!

Well, I wish you a happy and beautiful summer.

Have fun,






3.  Hi Agus!


I'm fine and you?  This is the last letter that I write you :-(  but we'll chat on msn!  Haha  They're my last days of class in the high school!  I'll finish 24th June.  I'm very good at school.  My teacher said that in this letter I'll write my personal information.  I would like you to write to me also information about you. 


I speak four languages (English, French, Andalusian and Spanish).  I would like to speak Latin and Greek.  At home I speak Andalusian. 


I celebrate Christmas at my cousin's house.  This day we make a special dinner and a party.  And New Year's Eve is very fun with all my family because my aunt and uncle are very funny!  At my birthday, we celebrate with a big party!  Do you want to come?  On 29th August. 


My country is good.  It isn't very cold and very hot.  I like it.  But in summer the thermometer rises and we are always on the beach or in the swimming pool.  In Pizarra there are eight thousand people.  It's old and very beautiful.  The flag of my village is light blue in the middle and it has 3 stripes of purple, white and green.  In the middle of the flag is the village shield. 


My favourite food is spaghetti.


On holiday, I would travel to Montevideo to meet you.  Hahaha


My best friend from outside school is Isabel.  She's writing letters with Eugenia. 


Well, ... I wish that you never change and that we speak some day.


It's been great getting to know you, Agus!!!


Kisses,  Mita!!!




Hi MItta,


I´m fine, thanks. Next week I start my winter holidays, I´m travelling to the U.S.A.  I´m going to visit New York, Miami and Disney World in Orlando.


I speek German, English, Spanish and a bit of French.

I celebrate chrismas in my grandmother´s house with all my family in Paysandú (it´s a province in Uruguay where my Mum was born.) It´s very amusing!


My country´s flag has 4 blue stripes, 5 white stripes and a sun.

Montevideo has a population of 1.500.000 inhabitants.

Now we are in Winter and the weather's cold (1 or 2 grades centigrades) and in summer the temperature is about 32 or 33 grades centigrades.


Happy holidays! enjoy the Summer.


Kind regards,




4.  Hi Lucas,


First I'm going to answer your questions.  I have been in Eurodisney once.  I went three years ago. 


I like to watch basketball matches.  Sometimes I go to Málaga to see Unicaja. 


I like playing computer games but I haven't got any time. 


My favourite sport is volleyball because in Pizarra it is very popular. 


I can speak three languages:  Spanish, English and French.  I can speak English fluently but I only speak a little French.  In my home we speak Spanish because we are from Spain. 


Pizarra has a population of 8 thousand people.  This is a small village but it's fantastic. 


My country's flag is red and yellow.  It has got one red band, one yellow band and the other is red.  Spain is famous because Spanish people are very sociable.  In Spain we have got good beaches, a lot of sun and a lot of culture.  For me, the three most important things in Spain at the moment are beaches, their transports and the form of life here. 


If you need something about Spain, you can contact me by email:  paniaguaduran@hotmail.com


Write soon and have a good course.     José Manuel



Dear Jose Manuel,


In this e-mail I'll give you more details about me and my country.

I'm Uruguayan and my birthday is on 20th of February. I celerate with my friend and family. I reseive a lot of presents.

I was born in Montevideo - Uruguay. I live in a house with my parents and my little brother. In my house there are  two  floors: I live downstairs, but  my aunt lives upstairs. I speak Spanish and English, but in my house we only speak Spanish.

The climate of Uruguay is warm, so the summer isn't very hot and the winter isn't very cold.

My country's flag has got five white and four blue stripes and a sun.

My favourite food is hamburger with French fries and fried eggs.


I celebrate Christmas with my family and we have dinner together. In  two  weeks we are going to go to Punta del Este.


Happy summer holidays


your penfriend Lucas


5.  Hi Fede!  :-)


*I'm fine, thank you.  I am a little sad because it is my last letter so this letter is longer.  Here it is the summer holidays. 


First, I'll tell you that I like basketball a lot and also swimming, but I don't play many games.  Now, I'd like to tell you about me. 


*I live in Pizarra, a little town in Málaga province.  Here, the climate is hot, very hot.  I think that it is because it is near the beach.  In my town there are approximately 8000 inhabitants.  Here at Christmas I meet with all my family and we have dinner together.  This is one of my favourite holidays. 


*I speak three languages:  Spanish, English and French, although in my house I only speak Spanish. 


At this moment, there are three important things in my life and they are the family, the friends and the studies, although if I could have three wishes one of these is to travel to Greece with all my friends. 


*These days I am happier and very nervous because in Austria and Switzerland there is the Eurocup 2008.  Yesterday Spain scored 4-1 against Russia.  Probably this year Spain will pass quarter finals. 


*Will you travel to Málaga?  If you come, I suggest you visit the Picasso Museum, drink gazpacho and watch an 'Antonio Banderas' film because he was born here. 


*Now I want you to answer some questions, please:


-How do you celebrate Christmas?

-What is your city or town like?

-What is your favourite food?


xau xau and kisses.  Your Spanish friend,  Maria   :-)



Hello Maria,


     I hope you are doing well in your tests.In  this letter I'm going to give you more details about my country and me. And I'm a little sad too.


    On Chrismas all my family come to my house and we have a big dinner. My city is very big and a  little modern, we are 1.500.000 inhabitants. My favourite  food is spaghetti.



    I only speak Spanish and English. I speak Spanish in my house. The climate in my country is hot and sunny in summer and rainy and cloudy in winter.

Last holidays I went to Punta del Este and I went  to the beach every day,I  ate in restaurants and went to the shopping centre.


    My dream is to be a professional NBA basketball player or be a champion with Bigua. I think that I will have a family.


A really big kiss from


                                  your friend, Federico.



1.  Hello Pancho,


This is the last letter.  My school finishes at quarter past 2.  My favorite subject is Maths. 


What languages do you speak?  I speak Spanish and English. 

What languages do you speak at home?  I speak Spanish. 


Where would you like to go to on holiday?  I'd like to go to the Carribbean.


Is money important to you?  Why or why not? And tell me three important things in your life at the moment.


Bye bye, José Luis


Hello José Luis,


I speak English and Spanish

In my home we speak Spanish.

In two weeks we have winter holidays I´m going to Salto.

Money is important , not very,very important.

 Three important things in my life are: my family,my health and my family 's health.



Bye bye,








2.  Hi Martin,


How are you?  I'm fine but I danced in the final dance at my school. 


Spain is in the Eurocup.  This year Spain will win. 


In my town there are 7000 people.  How many people live in your town?


My favorite football player in Spain is Fernando Torres.  Who is your favorite player?


I get up at the weekend at 7:00.  What time do you get up?


I speak Spanish, English and very little Italian.  What languages do you speak?


My favorite food is spaghetti.  What is your favorite food?


I like to go to the tropical countries in summer.  What are you doing in summer?


Juan María


Hi Juan María!


I'm fine thank you.

Uruguay is in the Southamerican preliminary round (for the world football cup 2010). It's on 7th place but I hope it'll win.

I'm going to answer you questions:

In my city there are 1.500.000 inhabitants (Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay).

My favourite football player in Spain is David Villa but in Uruguay is Sebastián 'Loco' Abreu.

On weekdays I get up at 6:30 am.

I speak Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English, but in my house my family and I only speak Spanish.


My favourite food is hamburger.

I go to the beach.

Last Sunday Uruguay played against Venezuela and they drew 1-1.

Today (Tuesday 17th of June) Uruguay has a match against Peru and I think Uruguay will win.


The 3 most important places in Uruguay are: 'Estadio Centenario', the football museum and 'Palacio Legislativo'.

I wish you happy holidays.

Bye bye


Martin (de los Santos)


3.  Hello Melina,


My language is Spanish.  What language do you speak? What do you speak at home? 


I celebrate my birthday on 11th of April. 


In Pizarra there are 7000 people.  In Málaga there are about  people  How many people live in your town?


My favourite food is pizza and coca cola.  What is your favourite food?


In Spain there are 48 million people.  How many people live in your country?


Please answer my questions.  Goodbye.  Cristóbal


Hello Cristóbal.


I speak Spanish and a bit of English but in my house we speak Spanish.

In my city there are 1.500.000 people and in Uruguay there are 3.000.000  people.

My favourite food is pizza and my favourite drink is Pepsi.

My birthday is on 16th April. In my birthday I have a party. I invite my friends and my family.


On holidays I go to Piriapolis. I  have  three  friends there, Carol, Ana Elisa and Sofía.


Happy  Holidays ! ! !


Your friend






4.  Hello Nico,


In Spain there are a lot of famous people like Antonio Banderas.  Tell me three famous things from your country.


My favourite food is hamburger.  What is your favourite food?


I celebrate New Year in my house with my family.  We eat the 12 grapes at midnight.  How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?


In my town there are 7000 people.  How many people live in your country?


On my country's flag there are two colours:  red and yellow.  Describe your country's flag. 


OK, goodbye Nico.




Hello Jesús


Thanks for your e-mail.


My favourite food are pizza and ice-cream

In my birthday I celebrate with my friends.

 3 millon people live in my country.

My flag`s got 4  blue stripes and 5 white stripes.

I speak Spanish and Engish.

In my holidays I go to the Punta del Este with my family.


Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!


Bye bye,




5.  Hello Martín,


I speak Spanish.  What languages do you speak?  My favourite food is pizza  What's your favourite food?


In my area live 8000 people.  How many people live in your area?


Bye bye   Juan Antonio




Hi Juan Antonio,


I speak Spanish  too and I'm learning  English.I speak a bit of Portuguese.My favourite language is English.

I live in Montevideo that is the capital city of Uruguay.My country has 3,400,000 inhabitants and half live in Montevideo.

The most popular sport in Uruguay is Football.My favourite team is '' Nacional ".






































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