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Croatia-Uruguay 2011 e-mail project

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Uruguayan and Croatian students involved in the project

March 2011-May2013







   Name:                            Age:                                                        Name:                                 Age:


   Martin                              16                                                    Valentina                                      (16-17)


   Lucas                               16                                                     Ana                                              (16-17)


   Rodrigo                      ( 15)16                                                   Antonija K                                     (16-17)


   Belen                           (15)16                                                  Davor                                            (16-17)


  Geronimo                         15                                                    Antonia K                                     (16- 17)


   Eugenia / Romina            18                                                     Mario                                           (16-17)


   Santiago C. / Diego         14                                                     Sandra                                         (16-17)


  Nicolas                             14                                                     Dinko                                             17


  Santiago P /Federico        16                                                     Ines                                           (16-17)


  Sofe                                  16                                                    Ružica                                            17





After exchanging emails for more than 3 months beetween our students we have come to an idea of a Skype interview. Students from Croatia would interview Claudia, and her Uruguayan students would interview me. We wanted to encourage our students to use English language in a more natural and casual way. The first interview was between Claudia's students and me. Eugenia, Belen and Cecilia asked me a lot of interesting questions about national dishes, my country, private life, but my favourite answer was how to say "I love you" in Croatian. I hope they have learned something new.


My students then had the opportunity to interview Claudia on JUne 3. She had to take the day off to be with us, because of the +5 hour difference. This interview went very well, despite some technical difficulties. You can read about it more on my blog http://englishlearning-marijanasblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/using-skype-in-english-class.html

 and please check the Photopeach slide show made from the photos taken that day. Here is the slide show followed by a Black Eyed Peas song http://photopeach.com/album/16gegty - THE SLIDESHOW IS LOST DUE TO PHOTOPEACH MISTAKE IN UPGRADING THEIR SYSTEM IN JAN 2013


As we continued our skype interviews we became more familiar with the recording tools so the 3rd and 4th interviews I had with Claudia's students were recorded.


The third interview was with the Older group of boys who are email partners with my Croatian students.

You can listen to the recording here. This is the first recording we created as we weren't aware of the MP3Skype recorder until then.

Make sure that the time difference was 5 hours and I was in the comfort of my home, so sometimes memebers of my family mainly my sons were very curious and entered my study during the talk. This actually made the interview more relaxed and amusing!


2011-06-14 time 20_12_42 Interview with Claudia's students Older group.mp3


The fourth interview with a Younger group of students who surprised me with their confidence! Sometimes I found myself answering the same questions, but the point was to get them to

listen to the answers and try to keep up with the conversation.

Of course, the two naughty boys in the background and sometimes me speaking in  Croatian are the special addition to these wonderful teacher-student moments :))


2011-06-21 time 21_18_56 Interview with Claudia's students Younger Group.mp3




This is the recording of the skype conference students from Croatia and Uruguay finally had. After almost 3 years since the beginning of the project

students gathered together online and had a skype chat/confrence. It was fun, we sang sonfs, we laughed, we listened. The Time zone was 4 hours difference.

In Croatia it was 18.00 - in Uruguay 14.00 (CRO students had to come to school late in the evening).


Check out the video of the skype talk



Both teachers Claudia and Marijana were invited twice to talk about their mutual project during TESOL EVO courses. They presented their project at BAW2012 and BAW2013. You can check their presentation here.




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